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Crab Soccer Tournament

by Katie Ki

Object of Game: To score the most points Materials: One dodge ball, four cones How to Play: Two teams will play each other while two […]

Cat and Mouse

by Matt Armstrong

Object of Game: To avoid being caught by the “cat” Equipment Needed: None How the Game Is Played: To start the game, choose one student […]

Herding Sheep

by Katie Ki

Materials: One hula hoop One pool noodle per team One white, inflated balloon per team How to Play: Have students line up in teams of […]

Four Corners

by Katie Ki

Materials: None How to Play: Designate four corners of the gym or playing area with the numbers one, two, three and four. Stand in the […]

Capture the Treasure (Capture the Flag)

by Katie Ki

**Optional Large Group Outdoor Game** Materials Needed:  rags, bandanas, or old towels, best if two different colors How to Play: Capture the Treasure requires a […]

Fruit Tag

by Katie Ki

Materials: None How to Play: Establish boundaries and choose a person to be “it.”  When the player who is “it” tries to tag another student, […]

Fruit of the Spirit Team Relay

by Katie Ki

Materials: Nine tangerines per team (with the Fruits of the Spirit written on each one in permanent marker), one plastic spoon per player How To […]

Scatter Beach Ball

by Katie Ki

Materials: a beach ball How to Play: Begin by having all players stand close to the center of the playing area. Throw the ball into […]

Guard Your Line

by Katie Ki

Object of Game: To score points by kicking the ball across the opposing team’s line. Materials: A dodge ball How to Play: Divide the students […]


Finishing Well: Reflect and Record

by Katie Ki

This month’s Tuesday Tip series is about finishing the year off well in your role as a Crossroads leader. Good leadership involves reflection, and in […]