Small Group Games

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Fruit of the Spirit Team Relay

by Katie Ki

Materials: Nine tangerines per team (with the Fruits of the Spirit written on each one in permanent marker), one plastic spoon per player How To […]

Scatter Beach Ball

by Katie Ki

Materials: a beach ball How to Play: Begin by having all players stand close to the center of the playing area. Throw the ball into […]

Guard Your Line

by Katie Ki

Object of Game: To score points by kicking the ball across the opposing team’s line. Materials: A dodge ball How to Play: Divide the students […]

Game Time: Classroom Game Ideas

by Katie Ki

Classroom Game Ideas Last week, we shared two tried-and-true gym games, but what if you don’t have a gym? No problem! Here are a couple […]

Relate: Connect with Kids

by Katie Ki

Connect with Kids Asking questions is one simple way that you can intentionally build relational connections with children. To relate to children on a deeper […]