Managing Large Group

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5 Ways to Engage Kids in Worship

by Katie Ki

Thanks to Organized Kidmin for this article by guest writer Corinne Noble.  I am extremely passionate about kids experiencing God through worship. I was honored to […]

Jeff the Judge

by Katie Ki

Game Discussion Idea: Jeff the Judge by Matt Armstrong One day I was leading a club at which we were missing a number of leaders. […]

10 Tips for Communicating in Large Group

by Katie Ki

Thanks to Andrew VanDerLinden from Organized KidsMin for this shared article – this contains great principles for keeping kids attention and communicating well during a […]

Tickets 101

by Katie Ki

Tickets are one recommended tool for an easy to implement behavior reinforcement system in Kids Club. To get started you will need: A large roll […]

Relate: How to Handle Disrespect

by Katie Ki

How to Handle Disrespect In our February Tuesday Tip series, “Relate,” we’ve shared ideas for how to connect relationally with kids and handle difficult behaviors. […]

Relate: Reward the Positive

by Katie Ki

Reward the Positive This month’s Tuesday Tip series, “Relate,” is all about how to manage difficult behaviors and build positive relationships with students. One way […]