Building Relationships

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Birthday Donuts Printable

by Katie Ki

How do you celebrate birthdays for kids in your Kids Club? One leader started a tradition in her club of bringing donuts to the children […]

Turkey Talk!

by Katie Ki

A fun Thanksgiving themed set of conversation cards to use with your Small Group. Turkey Talk: Conversation Cards For a full Thanksgiving themed lesson which […]

Names Matter!

by Katie Ki

Thanks to Relevant Children’s Ministry for this re-post. As we begin the school year, challenge yourself to learn the names of those in your club […]

Relate: How to Handle Disrespect

by Katie Ki

How to Handle Disrespect In our February Tuesday Tip series, “Relate,” we’ve shared ideas for how to connect relationally with kids and handle difficult behaviors. […]

Relate: Reward the Positive

by Katie Ki

Reward the Positive This month’s Tuesday Tip series, “Relate,” is all about how to manage difficult behaviors and build positive relationships with students. One way […]