Objective: To be the first team for all players to take a turn being the waiter

Materials: A ping pong ball and plastic plate, one per group (10 students per group maximum)

How to Play: Divide the students into teams of no more than 10 students and have them line up and spread out so that there is a foot or two between them and the next person. The person at the head of each line will be the first “waiter.” Give each “waiter” a plastic plate with a ping pong ball. On the signal “GO,” the “waiter” must run weaving in and out among their teammates line while holding the plate with the ping pong ball on top. If the ball or plate fall, the player must start over at the beginning of the line. When they reach the end of the line, the player runs back to the beginning and hands off the plate and ball to the next person in line saying, “Dinner is served!” Then the new waiter repeats the process and play continues until everyone on the team has had a turn. The first team to finish wins the round. Note to students that it takes a lot of self-control to be successful at this game!