Object of Game: To be the first person to get from one end of the gym to the other. Practice patience by following the directions carefully!

Materials Needed: None

How to Play: One leader will stand at one end of the gym, and all the students will stand at the other end. The leader will yell out either “Green light,” “Yellow light,” or “Red light.” When yelling out “Green light,” the leader will close their eyes, and the students can run as fast as they want. The leader can then yell out “Yellow light” or “Red light” and open their eyes. On “yellow light,” students can only be walking, and any student that the leader sees running still will go back to the wall and start over. On “red light,” students must stop, and if the leader sees anyone moving, they must go to the wall and start over. The student that gets to the leader’s side first is the winner.