Object of Game: To be the last person tagged by the “storm”

Materials: Four or five sheets of newspaper (may substitute with sheets of posterboard)

How the Game Is Played: Before the game begins, spread out four or five sheets of newspaper around the playing area. The sheets of newspaper will be boats. Choose two students to be the “storm” (IT), and all the rest of the students will try to stay safe from the storm. The storm will chase everyone and try to tag them. If a player tagged, they have “fallen into the sea” and must lie down on their back with arms and legs extended into the air doing swimming motions.  When a player has fallen into the sea, four other safe players may rescue her. Each of the safe players will grab an arm or a leg and drag the player onto a boat. As soon as four safe players grab onto the drowning player, all five players are safe from being tagged by the storm. Once the five players make it to the boat, the drowning player is saved, and all five players may stay safely on the boat for no longer than five seconds. The game ends when all the players have been tagged. At this point, choose two new players to be the storm (IT) and play again.