When you start a Crossroads Kids Club™ ministry, you are taking on a positive brand name that is recognized by school leaders as a safe and caring program that fosters positive values in children. You are granted a legal right to use our name and logo to advertise your ministry. You also receive templates for club flyers in English and Spanish.


Crossroads is available to help you and equip you to overcome any particular obstacles you may face in launching and leading an effective ministry in your local public school. We have extensive knowledge and experience in working with school leaders and with children’s ministry. This background allows us to help you train your leaders, negotiate with your school district, and cast a vision to your congregation. We have three events each year for your team leaders: a spring training day, a fall training day, and a Thanksgiving and prayer celebration event. We also offer monthly conference calls and video-based training.


Churches with a Crossroads Kids Club™ ministry have identified the curriculum we produce as one of our particular strengths. It is aimed at effectively communicating the Good News of Jesus to today’s public school children who often do not have any prior knowledge of the Christian faith. Crossroads has developed a curriculum that aims to connect the truth of the Bible with children who have little or no prior biblical knowledge or church experience. Please contact us to request some samples. We’d love to share them with you.