2 Great Kids Bibles

Here’s two great Bibles for kids:

Click here to get the Action Bible.
Click here to see the Hands On Bible.

A couple tips:

  • Your team may have available CKC grant money that can be used towards the purchase of Bibles for kids. Check with your team leader.
  • If you need extra funds for Bibles, try reaching out to your congregation for support or starting a Facebook fundraiser. Those who can’t help out volunteering at the club might be able to support the ministry in this way.
  • Any Bibles purchased from Tyndale (such as the Hands On Kids Bible) can be discounted by 50% off retail if you purchase through a Crossroads staff member.

Here’s a blog post from earlier this year about Gifting a Bible to Kids.

Already given Bibles to your students? We’d love to hear your stories! Share them with us at crossroadskidsclub.com/stories.

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