3 Christmas Minute-To-Win-It Games

There are two great ways to use Minute-To-Win-It Games in your club.

Minute-To-Win-It Carnival Stations

Set up different Minute-To-Win-It challenges around the room and have each leader monitor a station. Kids can go around to the stations of their choice, and every time they successfully complete a challenge in a minute or less, they get a piece of candy. For this set up, you only need materials for one student to do the challenge at a time.

Minute-To-Win-It Team Challenges

Divide students into teams (can be by small group). Each team sends one person to the front to compete in the Minute-To-Win-It challenge against players from the other teams. Every player who successfully completes the challenge in a minute or less gets a point for their team. Do as many different challenges as you like, giving teams a chance to send different people up to participate. For this set up, you need enough materials for several students to do the challenge at one time.

There are so many creative Christmas themed Minute-To-Win-It challenge ideas that you can find online or come up with yourself. Here are three favorites:

1. Snowball Shake

Materials: An empty tissue box, several cotton balls or ping pong balls, duct tape, a pair of panty hose

How to Play: Fill the empty tissue box with the cotton or ping pong balls. Tape the panty hose to the empty tissue box and tie the panty hose around the player’s waist like a belt. The tissue box should be on their back side. The goal is to shake all the snowballs out of the box before the timer goes off.

2. Rudolph Race

Materials: Vaseline, a spoon, a red pom pom, a printed picture of Rudolph

How to Play: Hang up a picture or poster of Rudolph and rub a small amount of vaseline over his nose to make it sticky. On a table, place some more vaseline on a spoon, and a red pom pom on the table beside it. Without using their hands, the player must rub vaseline on their nose, stick the pom pom to their nose, and then transfer the pom pom to Rudolph’s nose.

3. Candy Cane Fishing

Materials: a chopstick, a large candy cane, several small candy canes, a piece of string or yarn

How to Play: Use the piece of string or yarn to tie the large candy cane to the end of the chopstick. Lay the small candy canes on a table with the hook hanging over the edge. Players must hold the chopstick in their mouth and pick up the small candy canes using the large candy cane attached at the end of their chopstick.

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