3 Things You Can Do NOW For a Successful Start Next Fall

While the school year is wrapping up soon, it’s not too early to think ahead and take a few simple steps now to ensure that your club ministry continues strong with a successful kick-off next fall. Here are a few things you can do now:

#1 Team leaders should check with the principal about plans to return in the fall. Make sure the principal is aware of when you want to start, what space you would need and what your hopes are for promoting the club to enroll students. Principals are often hard to get ahold of over the summer and their hands are full around the start of school, so talking to them by May is wise. You can also remind them that you’ll be submitting another request for use of space for the next school year, which they will be signing off on. 

#2 Plan out opportunities to recruit volunteers at church over the summer. Confirm with your current team members what their intentions are about returning, and then schedule times you can share with your church body about your needs for team members.

#3 Small group leaders, write notes to students to send in the mail over the summer. This is a nice gesture to let students know you are remembering them, and you can remind them that club will be starting again soon. You can hang on to this and put them in the mail in late summer before school resumes. You might also consider writing notes to parents.

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