3 Ways to Bring Crossroads Home

At Crossroads Kids Club, we believe in partnering with parents to help them build kids of character. As leaders, you recognize the importance of reinforcing what kids are learning in club throughout the week, and you know that parents are often the best situated to make that happen. Here are three simple ways you can be intentional about bringing Crossroads home.

1. Send home Bible verse cards each week.

The CKC curriculum suggests Bible verses to go along with each week’s Bible story and teaching point. Many leaders use the curriculum’s Bible verse cards to encourage Scripture memorization. Sending home the card each week with a challenge and an incentive to bring it back memorized can help keep that day’s lesson fresh in the student’s mind while they are away from the club. Invite parents to help their child with the memory challenge, and use it as an opportunity to ask questions about what the child learned that week.


2. Share the family devotional resource.

This year, Crossroads has developed a brand new resource for families: a family devotional e-book that serves as a companion to the club’s curriculum, God’s Wise Design” It provides a weekly plan for families to use at home to reinforce what the kids are learning at club. It is available on Amazon.com and is FREE for a limited time from October 7-11. Make your Kids Club parents aware of the resource, and encourage them to use it.

Click here to see the family devotional on Amazon. 


3. Create a regular channel of communication with parents.

A private Facebook group can be a great way to share updates from the club with parents. You can share photos or summaries of what kids are learning in club. In addition to the parent newsletters that Crossroads produces and provides leaders, you can set up a plan for individual communication with the parents of kids in your small group through text messages, phone calls or notes in the mail. Just reminding parents that you are partnering with them on this journey of building kid’s character can be encouraging. Include them in on what you are teaching their kids, and they will appreciate it.


Are there other strategies you’ve tried that you’d like to share? We’d love to hear from you, because we often use your ideas to train and equip other leaders. Send us a note at contact@crossroadskidsclub.com.

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