5 Ways to Stay Connected Over the Summer

As Kids Club leaders, you’ve invested a lot throughout the school year to build relationships with kids in your small groups, and you’ve probably also made efforts to get to know their parents. How can you stay connected and deepen relationships with these kids and their families over the summer? Here are five ideas:

1.Send something in the mail. Kids love to get mail and it’s a fun surprise if they get a note, a postcard or even a small gift in the mail from their Crossroads leader! You can also mail them registration flyers so they can sign up for Crossroads again for the fall, and include a personal note with it.

2. Invite children to your church’s summer events and programs. If your church has a kids’ camps or VBS, extend an invitation to the kids in your small group. If you can volunteer there or  be involved in some way, they will love seeing a familiar face. It also gives kids more opportunities to learn about God and be connected to a local church.

3. Call parents over the summer. Take your small group roster and call each parent once over the summer. The purpose of your call can be to ask if they are interested in signing their child up for Crossroads again in the fall, and you can use the opportunity to have a conversation with them or ask how you can be praying for their family.

4. Organize a get together at a local park. Invite kids from your group to come with a parent or guardian to a local park to play games, hang out and have some treats!

5. Visit families at home. Go along with another adult volunteer to visit kids and their families at their homes. Make sure to touch base with the parents ahead of time to let them know you’d like to come and to arrange a day and time for your visit.

Do you have other ideas or stories of how you’ve stayed connected with kids and families over the summer? Share them with us via email at contact@crossroadskidsclub.com.

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