Beach Ball Bonanza

Materials Needed: A beach ball

How to Play: Divide students into two teams and have each team line up at the baselines of the gym, or opposite ends of your playing area. Number each person off until everyone on the team has been given a number. Every player on the opposing team should have corresponding numbers. Place the beach ball in the center, and call out a number at random. Whoever’s number is called (and you may call more than one) must run to the center to try and get the beach ball first. If a player successfully gets the ball and makes it back over their team’s starting line without being tagged, give that team two points. If someone tags a player with the ball, give their team a point. If more than one number has been called, allow the players to toss the ball to their teammates. If the ball touches the floor, give a point to the opposing team. Play several rounds.

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