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Spring Kids Craft: Origami Bunnies

Here’s a fun craft for families to do at home with their kids around Easter time: make origami bunnies! (Or, teach your kids how to do this during their opening small group time.) Materials: square pieces of origami paper (or any paper cut into a square) Instructions:      

Game: Keep it Up!

Objective: Keep your team’s balloon from touching the ground. Materials: Inflated balloons, one per group of 6-8 players How to play: Divide children into teams of 6-8 players. Each team should form a circle with players facing inward and holding hands. Give each team an inflated balloon and on the signal “go,” all teams must keep their balloon…Continue reading Game: Keep it Up!

Kids Perfect Attendance Certificate

By special request, we’ve created a Kids Club perfect attendance certificate. One leader had 12 students with perfect attendance! A certificate like this is a great way to recognize kids for their consistent attendance. Click the link below to get your own PDF of the certificate. Kids Perfect Attendance Certificate PDF