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Games 101

Games are an essential part of a Crossroads club. After a long day in schools, kids need the chance to be physically active, and it actually helps them to refocus and learn better. Also, kids can benefit greatly from opportunities to learn teamwork and cooperation in a safe, structured environment. Most importantly, children connect best…Continue reading Games 101

Welcome Letter to School

Here is a template for team leaders to use to introduce themselves and the Crossroads program to the school. Click on below and download the file to customize. Welcome Letter to School

Spring Kids Craft: Origami Bunnies

Here’s a fun craft for families to do at home with their kids around Easter time: make origami bunnies! (Or, teach your kids how to do this during their opening small group time.) Materials: square pieces of origami paper (or any paper cut into a square) Instructions:      

Game: Keep it Up!

Keep it up! Objective: Keep your team’s balloon from touching the ground. Materials: Inflated balloons, one per group of 6-8 players How to play: Divide children into teams of 6-8 players. Each team should form a circle with players facing inward and holding hands. Give each team an inflated balloon and on the signal “go,” all teams must…Continue reading Game: Keep it Up!

Kids Perfect Attendance Certificate

By special request, we’ve created a Kids Club perfect attendance certificate. One leader had 12 students with perfect attendance! A certificate like this is a great way to recognize kids for their consistent attendance. Click the link below to get your own PDF of the certificate. Kids Perfect Attendance Certificate PDF