Cat and Mouse

Object of Game: To avoid being caught by the “cat”

Equipment Needed: None

How the Game Is Played: To start the game, choose one student to be the “cat” and another student to be the “mouse.” All the other students must find a partner to link arms with and the linked-arm pairs spread out in the whole room. The cat chases the mouse, and if the mouse is tagged by the cat they switch roles. (The mouse becomes the new cat and chases the new mouse [the old cat].) At any time during play, the mouse may link arms with one of the members of the linked-arm pairs spread out around the room. At this point the person on the other side becomes the mouse, and must break away from the pair and run from the cat.

Cat chases mouse.

If tagged, they switch roles.

Mouse links up with a pair and . . .

. . . the third becomes the mouse and must run away.