Games 101

Games are an essential part of a Crossroads club. After a long day in schools, kids need the chance to be physically active, and it actually helps them to refocus and learn better. Also, kids can benefit greatly from opportunities to learn teamwork and cooperation in a safe, structured environment. Most importantly, children connect best…Continue reading Games 101

Game: Hula Hoop Hurrah!

Objective: Be the first team to have all players pass through the hula hoop without breaking the chain. Materials: Hula hoops, one per team of 6-9 players How to Play: Divide children into equally sized teams of 6-9 each.  Instruct the team to form a circle facing inward and holding hands. Give a hula hoop…Continue reading Game: Hula Hoop Hurrah!

Game: Keep it Up!

Keep it up! Objective: Keep your team’s balloon from touching the ground. Materials: Inflated balloons, one per group of 6-8 players How to play: Divide children into teams of 6-8 players. Each team should form a circle with players facing inward and holding hands. Give each team an inflated balloon and on the signal “go,” all teams must…Continue reading Game: Keep it Up!

Icebreaker BINGO for kids

This is a fun first day of club activity to get kids talking to one another in a small group or large group setting. The activity template can be downloaded and adapted for your club or group, or used as is. Materials: Copies of the Icebreaker Bingo sheet, one per child Pens, pencils or other…Continue reading Icebreaker BINGO for kids

Leading Games Effectively (Coaching Sheet)

**FOR TEAM LEADERS** For instructions on using coaching sheets, click here: How to Use Coaching Sheets. Coaching Sheet: Leading Games Effectively Use the following coaching sheet and leader’s notes to guide your team through a discussion on how to enhance the quality of your game time in club. Leading Games Effectively Leading Games Effectively (Leader’s…Continue reading Leading Games Effectively (Coaching Sheet) Continue reading Leading Games Effectively (Coaching Sheet)