Game: Color Relay

Color Relay

Object of Game: Be the first team to finish the relay.

Equipment Needed: a colorful object to use as a relay wand (bandana, rainbow stick, etc.), one per team

How the Game Is Played: Divide students into teams and line them up on one side of the room in their teams. Give each team their colored relay wand. The first player from each team must run to the other side of the room, touch the wall or cross a designated line, and return back to their team, passing the colored relay wand to the next player. Play continues until each team member has gone. The first team to finish wins. Continue playing until all teams have finished.

Alternate Version: Skittles Relay. Students will run one by one to the opposite end of the room, eat one (or two [you decide]) Skittles from a bag and then return to their starting point. The first team to finish the bag of Skittles wins.

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