Having a Crossroads Kids Club program at your school is a wonderful opportunity to tap into community resources. One of the key characteristics of the Crossroads Kids Club program model is a low student-to-adult ratio. We encourage our church affiliates to have at least one staff member for every seven children in their program. This allows each child—through regular participation with a small group leader—to get to know a caring adult who is a positive role model. Crossroads believes that having someone who believes in a child and encourages that child can be transformational. Parents and teachers can be wonderful encouragers, but the more support a child gets, the more likely it is that he or she will excel socially, emotionally and academically.

Crossroads has also discovered that bringing community volunteers into schools can have other positive results for the broader school community. Some people may be critical of the public schools in their city; however, being around the students and staff gives people a new perspective. Bringing adults from the community into the school will often turn them into supporters of you and your educational mission. They may well become cheerleaders for you in the broader community.

As well, the Crossroads volunteers begin to see the needs that confront a school. Sometimes these needs are economic. Other times they are for tutors, mentors, or volunteers for other school-led initiatives. Whatever the needs, the Crossroads volunteers will likely develop a heart to help in ways that you need and request. They are coming in with a desire to be helpful in whatever ways they can.

One final note is that Crossroads is well-versed on current federal and state laws governing the use of public school facilities by faith-based organizations and we work very carefully with our affiliated churches to ensure full compliance with these laws and with each public school’s local facility-usage procedures. The law is very supportive of organizations like Crossroads using public school facilities and we have been operating our program inside of public schools for over ten years with great success and almost no controversy.

By the way, we believe that inspiring faith in young people leads to higher academic achievement. Did you know that, according to a study by Brigham Young University and Rice University, religiously affiliated youth are 40% more likely to graduate high school and 70% more likely to enroll in college? (source) As well, the values of faith help to create a culture of caring and non-violence. Crossroads Kids Club can help your students achieve more and contribute toward a peaceful school climate.