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  • Introduction Lesson “Tools for a Treasure-Hunter” 


Lesson 1 “God, the Creator of All Good Things”

Lesson 2 “Adam and Eve, God’s Treasured Creation”

Lesson 3 “God’s Promise to Save His Treasured Creation”

Lesson 4 “Life with God” 

Lesson 5 “Our Beginning with God” 

Unit 2 - History with God - “The Shepherd Boy Who Slayed a Giant”

Lesson 6 “God, Our Deliverer

Lesson 7 “Fear or Faith?”

Lesson 8 “Our God Is Mighty in Battle”

Lesson 9 “The Armor of God”

Lesson 10 “The Shepherd Boy Who Slayed a Giant” 

Unit 3 - Prayers, Poems and Songs - “David Brings His Heart to God”

Lesson 11 “Our God Whom We Treasure”

Lesson 12 “Here’s Our Hearts”

Lesson 13 “Longing for Jesus”

Lesson 14 “Forgiveness Makes the Heart Glad”

Lesson 15 “Finding Our Way Back to God” 

Unit 4 - Jesus, the Good News - “The Parable of the Hidden Treasure”

Lesson 16 “The Lord Is Our Treasure” 

Lesson 17 “We Are God’s Treasure”

Lesson 18 “A Great Price Was Paid”

Lesson 19 “The Value of God’s Kingdom”

Lesson 20 “Until the Treasure is Found”

Unit 5 - Letters to God’s Beloved - “Future Treasures in Heaven”

Lesson 21 “Our True Home Is With the Lord”

Lesson 22 “Where’s Our Hope?”

Lesson 23 “We Hope In What We Cannot See”

Lesson 24 “Our Dwelling Place With God”

Lesson 25 “Future Treasures in Heaven”