Game: Egg Straw Transfer Relay

Egg Straw Transfer Relay


    • Approximately one plastic Easter egg per student (may be re-used from the Easter Egg Sort)
    • Plastic straws, one per student
    • A plastic or paper bowl, one per team of 6-8 players (can also be re-used from the Easter Egg Sort)

How to Play: Divide students into relay teams of 6-8 players each. Place a bowl with Easter eggs in front of each team (make sure that each team has the same number of eggs), and give each player a straw. Instruct students that they will take turns transferring an egg using the straw to a second bowl on the opposite side of their playing area. Model how to pick up an egg by sucking air through the straw and carrying it. Once a player drops the egg into the other bowl, they run back to their team and the next player does the same thing using their straw and another egg. The first team to transfer all of their eggs to the opposite bowl wins.

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