Game: Good Seeds Relay

Objective: To be the first team to plant your seeds in good soil without dropping them!


  • Seeds or small objects such as a pom-poms to represent seeds, an equal number per group
  • Spoons, one per student
  • Two boxes or buckets

Divide the students into two teams and have each team form a line or circle. Give each student a spoon. Designate a starting person in each team who will be given the seeds to begin passing and place the bowl or bucket at the end of each line. On the signal ‘GO,’ each team will begin passing each seed one by one only using the spoons, from the start to the end, where it will be “planted” into the box or bucket. Each seed must reach the end before another seed can begin being passed. Players may not touch the seeds with their hands! The first team to pass all their seeds to the end and into the box or bucket wins.

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