Getting Started (for churches): Challenge #1


Overcoming the five biggest challenges

Challenge #1: Finding People

Churches of all sizes can struggle to find volunteers. An important step to getting started is finding a team leader or co-leaders for your Kids Club ministry. Some church leaders hesitate to commit until they have found a team leader. However, a church’s commitment to getting started is often a key step in recruiting a team leader.

One of the biggest challenges in finding the right person is finding someone available on a weekday afternoon. Here are some of the key types of people you might be looking for:

  • Active retirees
  • Business owners/self-employed people
  • Remote workers
  • Shift workers
  • Homeschool families
  • Stay-at-home parents
  • College students
  • Insurance/Real Estate agents
  • Teachers at the school
  • Parents at the school
  • Church staff

Click to see a team leader job description. 


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