Getting Started (for churches): Challenge #2


Overcoming the five biggest challenges

Challenge #2: Finding the right school partnership.

Service is one of our core values at Crossroads. We aim to add value to churches, kids, families and school communities. Our approach toward securing space in a school is to make friends and partner with school administrators and faculty, seeking to humbly serve as Christ modeled.

When choosing a school for your Crossroads Kids Club, here are three things to consider:

  1. Is there a school where your church has an established relationship?
    If you partnered with an elementary or middle school in the past by doing a backpack drive, serving to clean up a campus, or leading a tutoring program, that connection will be the strongest.
  2. Do you have anyone from your congregation that is connected to a local school?
    A parent or grandparent? A teacher? Someone on staff at the school? This kind of connection facilitates a strong opportunity to get in the door of a school and build a thriving Kids Club program.
  3. Which school is the closest?
    Lastly, think about the schools that are near you. This is one of the most significant factors in building bridges between your Kids Club and your church and helps in inviting the kids and their families to your church after you begin building relationships with them.

Looking back:

Challenge #1: Finding People. 

Last week, we shared that one of the main challenges is finding people.

  • Don’t say “no” for someone else. If you think someone might be a great leader for your Crossroads Club, ask them! Avoid assuming that others are too busy or wouldn’t be interested.
  • Crossroads isn’t just an opportunity to impact kids. Your people can be impacted in their spiritual growth too as they serve on a team in an outreach ministry context.

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