Getting Started (for churches): Challenge #3


Overcoming the five biggest challenges

Challenge #3: Finding the money.

Crossroads partners with churches of all sizes and budgets. One of the ways we do that is by providing grants to churches to cover the essential costs of running a Crossroads Kids Club®. These grant covers curriculum supplies, sports equipment, snacks and more for you club. The average club qualifies for $1000/year. You can review the Grant Addendum on the Ministry Agreement (Page 5-9) to learn how Crossroads supports churches financially.

Impacting dozens of students in a local public school can have minimal impact on your churches budget. 

Here’s a quick review of the first two challenges:
Challenge #1: Finding people. 
Executive Director, Matt Armstrong, speaks about finding leaders.

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Challenge #2: Finding the right school partnership.

When you are picking a school to start a Crossroads Kids Club®, be open-minded about where God might send you.

One church got turned down by two different schools. They were discouraged and frustrated. However when they approached the principal at the third school, she was so excited about bringing a Crossroads Kids Club® to their school. She was a follower of Jesus and she was planning to retire in the following year. She wanted to make sure to get this ministry up and running in her school before she retired. That club has been a thriving club for many years. God knows where you are supposed to be and when you are supposed to get there.

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