Getting Started (for churches): Challenge #5


Overcoming the five biggest challenges

Challenge #5: Discerning God’s Will.

As you have probably seen the last five weeks, there are some challenges to starting a Crossroads Kids Club®; however often the biggest challenge is making the time to discern whether this ministry is something God wants you to do.

If God is calling you to start a school-based outreach, then we are here to help push through the challenges and obstacles that will surely come. If he is leading you to jump in, then it isn’t necessary to have everything figured out. He will bring things together in his time.

We believe the key to overcoming the discernment obstacle is simply to find the time to pray through the opportunity. Would you commit to do that?

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The Crossroads staff wants to help you to overcome any challenges you might have to reaching kids in public schools with the gospel. If you believe God is calling you to this ministry, and have any of these challenges or more, contact us. We would love to work with you to find a solution.

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