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Lesson 1 “A Healthy Club” (Club Culture Lesson)

Lesson 2 “God’s Heart is Good & Loving”

Lesson 3 “I Can Be God’s Child” 

Lesson 4 “God’s Words Are Good for My Heart”

Lesson 5 “Heart Symptoms”

Lesson 6 “The Sick Need A Doctor”

crew kit

Preparation Guide for Crew Kit Coordinators (PDF)

  • Parent Welcome Letter K-5 (PDF)
  • Parent Welcome Letter 6-8 (PDF)
  • Parent Newsletter K-8 (PDF)
  • Mystery Clue #1 (PDF)
  • Mystery Clue #2 (PDF)
  • Mystery Clue #3 (PDF)
  • Bible Story Reveal (PDF)
  • Engagement Activities K-5 (PDF)
  • Engagement Activities 6-8 (PDF)


Praise and Worship Guide

Zoom Playbook

Middle School Feelings Wheel (CKC Games Bag 2020-2021)