Finishing Well: Review and Remember


The end of the school year is coming fast! Your team is probably already planning an end of the year party, but before you get to that, have you thought about dedicating some time in your Kids Club for review? Let the students have some fun remembering the stories and truths from God’s Word that they’ve learned this year. Here are some simple review game ideas you can play in your small group.

Who am I? or What am I? Sticky Note Game

  • Good for: Reviewing Bible characters or story elements
  • Materials: Sticky notes with names of Bible figures or story objects (lion, fig tree, cross, etc.)
  • How to Play: Place a sticky note place on players’ heads. They must ask the group questions to guess who or what is written on the note.

Beach Ball Review Game

  • Good for: Active review
  • Materials: A beach ball with review questions written on it
  • How to Play: Have students stand in a circle and throw the ball to another player who will answer the first question their hand touches. (You can add music if you like and whoever is holding the ball when the music stops gets to answer).

True or False Toss

  • Good for: Competitive review
  • Materials: two bowls labeled “True” and “False,” a ball or crumpled up paper, list of true or false review questions prepared in advance
  • How to Play: One player from each team will take a turn answering a true or false question. They must throw the ball into the true or false bowl and win a point for their team if they answer correctly.

Also, please download these Small Group Discussion Questions we made for your students to reflect on their year in Crossroads!

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