Finishing Well: Reflect and Record


This month’s Tuesday Tip series is about finishing the year off well in your role as a Crossroads leader. Good leadership involves reflection, and in order to finish well, I encourage you to plan some time to think back over your role this year and evaluate how things went.

  • KidsWhat were the highlights?
  • What were the disappointments?
  • What were game changers or “aha” moments?
  • What were the top three things you really focused on?
  • What was something you forgot?
  • How does this inform your plan for next year? (Or, if you won’t be serving in Kids Club next year, what wisdom or advice can you pass on to the team?)

Spend time in individual reflection. How did you feel about your role? What kind of impact do you think you had? Write your thoughts down to help you process and remember, or talk about it with someone.

Schedule a time for team debrief. Reflect on your year together as a team. Record any key decisions or feedback that can guide future planning.

Debrief with your Crossroads coach. We would love to help you process, or hear your thoughts and ideas.

Take the survey. The Crossroads team is evaluating and reflecting on this past year too! You can help us by sharing your feedback as we plan for next year.

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