Top 5 Ideas for an End of the Year Kids Club Party


Top 5 Ideas for an End of the Year Kids Club Party

Finish your Kids Club year off well by planning a time of celebration on your last day of club. Also, consider end of the year party opportunities that parents and families can be involved in or attend. Here are five ideas for an end of the year celebration.

1. Carnival Games
Set up several stations indoors or outside with “minute to win it” activities, games, sports activities or crafts. Ask your Crossroads coach if our CKC Popcorn or Cotton Candy Machines are available for you to use!

2. Awards Ceremony
Distribute end of the year awards for students (and leaders!). You can find free printables and templates to download and print, or get ideas to make your own. In your ceremony, you could have a group of students prepared to perform a Bible skit, recite a memory verse, or sing a song they learned this year. This could be an opportunity to invite parents as well.

3. Talent Show or Competition
Hold auditions in the weeks leading up to your last day of club for a talent show. Or, design a time of competitive challenges between small groups.

4. Outdoor Picnic Party
Weather permitting, plan a day of outdoor fun. Use game ideas from the CKC Games Leader Handbook, or have a big water balloon fight! Make it a picnic with a meal or serve fun treats like popsicles or watermelon slices.

5. Summer Themed Fun: Beach or Luau Party
Host an indoor or outdoor party with a beach or luau theme. Play “musical towels”, have kids run relays wearing inflatables, snorkels and flippers, or play volleyball with a giant beachball. Don’t forget some Hawaiian Luau party leis!

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