Human Foosball

Materials Needed: A large beach ball

Group Size: 20 – 60

This is a game that works well in indoor spaces. Set two goals at opposite ends of the room. The goal could be as simple as the wall itself, or you could use chairs or cones or whatever is available to designate a goal.

Now divide the children into two teams. Everyone on one will need a partner from the opposing team. All the child will now sit down back-to-back with their partner and all bottoms on the floor (i.e., not standing or kneeling). The first team will all be facing toward one goal, and the opposing team will all be facing the opposite direction (the other goal).

The object of the game is to score by getting the beach ball into the goal. Children may use their hands, arms, heads or any part of their body to hit the ball toward their goal, but they may not move from where they are seated. The team scoring the most points wins.