Jeff the Judge

Game Discussion Idea: Jeff the Judge

by Matt Armstrong

One day I was leading a club at which we were missing a number of leaders. I decided we did not have the capacity to have small groups, but still I wanted to create an opportunity for discussion about the lesson in a way that was fun and interactive. One of the leaders who was there was Jeff, so I created a little game that I called “Jeff the Judge.” Here’s how it went.

I divided the group into two teams. I asked a discussion question, and one person from each team gave their best answer to that question. Then, after hearing both responses, Jeff commented on their answers and then decided which team had given the better answer. That team received a point.

The children were engaged in this activity because it was a competition and because it was something new and different. And although not as personal as discussion in a small group, it allowed a number of students to share, and it allowed Jeff to comment on, correct or explain something related to the question each time. To be clear, small groups are an essential element of Crossroads Kids Club, but if you’re ever short on leaders you can try playing “Jeff the Judge” as a way to discuss the lesson together in a large group format.

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