Jump In, Jump Out

Materials: None

How to Play: Have students form a circle and hold hands facing the middle. Instruct students that they must follow the leader by saying what the leader says and doing what the leader says. Practice a few times using these four commands: Jump in, Jump Out, Jump Left or Jump right. Then, begin play. Call out any of the four commands and students must follow. (The circle may lose its shape, that’s okay!) Have students get back in the original circle and instruct them that now the must say the OPPOSITE of what the leader ways and do what the leader says. Continue by calling out jump commands for about 30 seconds until the circle breaks up again. There are no winners in this game, it is simply meant to create fun and laughter and children will be extra challenged by the confusion of saying the opposite of what they are doing. You can also change it up by having students say what the leader says but do the opposite.