Holiday Game Ideas

As you plan your Kids Club holiday parties, what kinds of fun games will you choose? As you search for ideas, think through these questions to help you organize and lead your party games effectively.

  • Would the kids like this game?
  • How will I teach it to them?
  • How realistic will it be with the number of kids and the space I have?
  • How will I locate the supplies/materials?
  • What help do I need from other leaders to lead the game?

Three Holiday Game Suggestions
To get you started, here are three types of party games that work well with a crowd.

1. Whole Group Games
When you think of traditional party games, you probably think of whole group games like musical chairs, charades, or Pictionary. There are lots of creative adaptations to these well known large group games. One of my favorite Christmas party games to do with students is Musical Gift Unwrapping. You could try a holiday themed charades or a twist on Pictionary with this funny Draw on Your Head challenge.

2. Team Relays
Another way to structure party games for a large group is to set up teams with holiday themed relay races or challenges. How fast can you carry Christmas ornaments with a spoon or unwrap candies while wearing mittens? Can you beat the competition trotting like a turkey or balancing a piece of candy corn on your forehead?

3. “Minute-to-Win-It” Rotations
Stations can also be an effective way to manage games for a large number of kids. Holiday themed “Minute-to-Win-It” activities work well in this format. Set up several stations with games around the room for students to participate in small groups. Either assign each leader to a station, or have the leaders move with a group of kids to every station. Don’t forget a timer or a signal to manage the transitions!

The holidays will be here before you know it! Start thinking this week about one or two party game ideas for your club.

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