Math Fact Fun Game #1: Go Fish!

Math Fact Fun Game #1: Go Fish!

Objective: Practice addition pairs for a specific number

Materials: A standard deck of playing cards

How to play: Remove all cards that are higher than the chosen featured number for the game. For example, if the goal is to learn addition facts for the number seven, the game will be played with ones (aces) through sevens. Deal out five cards to each player and place the remaining cards in a draw pile. Each player looks through their hand of cards to find any pairs that add up to the featured number and place them face up in their discard pile. (For example, if learning addition facts for the number seven, appropriate pairs would be 6+1, 5+2 or 4+3. The 7 card would also be laid aside as a correct solution that doesn’t require a pair.) The person to the left of the dealer may now ask any other player for a card that will help create the sum required. If the person asked has the card in their hand, they must give it up to the player that made the request. A player can keep asking for cards until no further matches are able to be made, at which point he is told to “Go Fish!” from the draw pile and the next player takes a turn. If a player runs out of cards, they can choose five more cards from the draw pile. Play until all the cards in the deck have been matched into pairs. The player with the highest number of pairs at the end is the winner.



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