Math Fact Fun Game #3: Slam Ten

Math Fact Fun Game #3: Slam Ten

Objective: Adding multiples of 10

Materials: One deck of cards per pair

How to play: Remove face cards and deal each player half the remaining cards. Taking turns, players flip cards faceup one by one. When the first card is revealed, both players multiply the number shown by 10 and say the value out loud. For instance, if one flips over a three of clubs, both say, “Thirty.”

Players keep flipping cards one at a time, always adding the value times 10 and saying it aloud. For example, if the next card was a four of hearts, they’d both say, “Seventy,” because 30 plus 40 is 70.

Whenever the total value of the cards lands on 50, 100, 150, etc., either player may “slam” the deck with his hand. The fastest slammer keeps all the cards. When time is up, each player counts the value of her cards in 10s (not the number of cards!) to determine a winner.



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