Math Fact Fun Game #8: Race to 27

Math Fact Fun Game #8: Race to 27

Objective: Adding up to 27

Materials: A deck of playing cards

How to Play: This game has players adding cards until they reach 27. Deal out all of the cards to the players. Players put their cards into a pile in front of themselves with cards face down.

The first player turns over their top card and places it in the center. The next player turns over their top card placing it on top of the first card. This player adds the value of the two cards and tells everyone the total. The next player does the same adding the value of their card to the previous total.

Play continues until the total reaches 27 or over. The player who puts down the card that takes the total to 27 or over takes all of the cards in this pile and shuffles them into their pile.

Play continues for a set time or until one player has no cards left. The winner is the person with the most cards.



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