Math Games Kids Will WANT to Play

If you’re a small group leader looking for ways to integrate some academic enrichment into your time with the kids, try one of these easy and fun math fluency games. Each of the games uses simple materials and can be played with kids during snack or other “down time” you might have.

If you’re a parent, you might want to try teaching a couple of these to your kids and playing with them at home to help reinforce their math facts.

Click on any of the the game titles below to be directed to the full instructions.

Math Fact Game #1: Go Fish!

  • Objective: Addition
  • Materials: Deck of playing cards

Math Fact Game #2: Double Down

  • Objective: Adding Doubles
  • Materials: Two dice per player, one piece of paper and one pencil per pair

Math Fact Game #3: Slam Ten

  • Objective: Adding Multiples of Ten
  • Materials: One deck of cards per pair

Math Fact Game #4: Array Capture

  • Objective: Multiplication Facts
  • Materials: Two dice per pair, a piece of graph paper per pair, two different colored pencils or pens per pair

Math Fact Game #5: War

  • Objective: Addition or Multiplication Facts
  • Materials: A set of dominoes or playing cards per pair

Math Fact Game #6: Spiral

  • Objective: Multiplication Facts
  • Matierials: Deck of playing cards, one or two dice, game pieces for each player (token, beads, coins, etc.)

Math Fact Game #7: Flip Three

  • Objective: Creating equations (mixed operations)
  • Materials: Deck of Playing Cards

Math Fact Game #8: Race to 27

  • Objective: Adding up to 27
  • Materials: A deck of playing cards

Math Fact Game #9: Drop Out

  • Objective: Addition
  • Materials: Five dice


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