Game: Name Roulette

Name Roulette

Objective: End the game with a spot in the “inside circle”

Materials Needed: Sticky notes, one per student

How to Play: Divide students into two equal groups and form two circles, one inside the other. The students forming the inside circle should be facing in, with their backs toward the students in the outside circle. The students in the outside circle should be facing outward with their backs toward the center circle. Place a sticky note on the floor where each student is standing to designate spots. When the game begins, the circles should beginning moving, the inside and outside circles should be directed to move in different directions (to the left and the right or clockwise and counterclockwise). When the leader calls stop, the players must land on a sticky note and turn around and face another player in the circle opposing them. Their challenge is to say the other person’s name as fast as they can. Whoever says the name first correctly “wins” the round and gets the inside circle spot (or if they are already on the inside circle they get to keep their spot.) Continue play several rounds.


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