Game: Nativity Draw on Your Head Game

Nativity Draw on Your Head Game

Materials: pens, one per student, a white paper plate (sturdy enough to draw on), one per student

How to Play: Give each student a pen and paper plate. Instruct them to put the paper plate on top of their head, and use the pen to draw according to your instructions. Tell them that it is a competition to see who can follow the directions to make the most accurate drawing. No taking the paper plate down to look at the drawing until the leader instructs! Leader should read instructions slowly, and repeat them, allowing students time in between each one to draw.


  1. Draw walls and a roof for a table.
  2. Draw some hay on the ground.
  3. Draw baby Jesus inside the stable.
  4. Draw a star up in the sky.
  5. Draw some farm animals.
  6. Draw some shepherds keeping watch over their sheep in a field nearby.

Let students take the plates off their head and look at their drawings! Now, have them listen to the following instructions for scoring points, and have them keep a tally mark on the plate to see what there score is. Leaders should help younger students figure out their scores.

  • 1 point if the walls and roof of your stable are touching each other.
  • 1 point if the hay is below the roof of the stable.
  • 2 points if baby Jesus is inside the stable.
  • 2 points if the star is above the roof of the stable. (only 1 point if it is touching the roof, 0 if it is below the roof)
  • 2 points if you drew more than one farm animal.
  • 1 point for every shepherd drawn that is not in or touching the stable.
  • 1 point for every sheep drawn.

Give a small prize, such as tickets or a piece of candy to the top two or three highest scores.

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