Pick Up Policy

Team Leaders,

Please feel free to download and customize this Pick Up Policy template letter for use at your clubs. Kids getting picked up late is not a widespread issue across our clubs, but when it does happen it can be a source of stress for leaders who are stuck waiting for parents to arrive. In order to help support leaders who face this issue, we have developed these templates for you to use and edit as you see fit. Here are some recommended steps for dealing with late pick ups in your club.

  1. Send this general Pick Up Policy letter to all parents. (The letter includes a Spanish translation.)
  2. Talk to individual parents who have been late to pick up their child. You may choose to send the policy letter again as a reminder.
  3. If being late becomes a repeated issue, do your best to work with the parent to figure out a solution. Ask, “What can I do to help you get here on time?” or “Are there others (a relative, neighbor, friend) who might be able to pick the child up?” Do everything you can to work through the problem.
  4. If you are unable to arrive at a solution, or the lateness continues to be an issue, a last resort option is to remove the child from enrollment.


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