Small Groups. Small Space. BIG FUN! – Activity Number Relay


Small Groups. Small Space. BIG FUN!

This week’s tip is the third in our series of easy indoor game ideas for small groups to play. Even if you don’t have access to a gym or a large space, you can tailor relay games to work for small groups in small spaces. This week’s idea is an Activity Number Relay that will get kids moving and can be used with your small group in any space!

Materials: Activity Number Relay Cards (CKC Games Bag)

Objective: To win a point for your team by quickly obeying the commands.

How to Play: Divide students into two to four teams of an equal number of students, lined up relay style. The leader should pull an activity and number card from the Activity Number Relay Card pile and shout out the action and number: “Do ____(activity) ____ (number) of times!” The first player from each team should shout “Yes, sir!” or “Yes, ma’am!”, then run to the opposite line, do the actions and run back to their team. The first player to successfully “obey” the commands wins a point for their team. A leader should keep score and announce the winning team after several rounds of play.

See the video below for a demonstration and click the link to print off the number cards and instructions for your Kids Club leaders.

Printable Instructions and Cards (Word)
Printable Instructions and Cards (PDF)

Small Group Game: Activity Number Relay
Watch video instructions for Activity Number Relay.

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