Prayers Kids Can Sing

We received these neat prayer songs from a leader in one of our Kids Clubs. These short songs are sung to familiar tunes, so they are easy for kids to learn and remember. They can be used to say grace before a snack or a meal.

(to the tune of Yankee Doodle)

Thank you Lord for happy hearts

In rain and sunny weather.

Thank you Lord for this our food

And that we are together.  Amen


(to the tune of Where is Thumbkin?)

God our Father, God our Father,

We thank you, we thank you.

For our many blessings, for our many blessings.

A-amen, A-amen.


Johnny Appleseed Grace

Oh, the Lord is good to me,

And so I thank the Lord.

For giving me the things I need,

The sun , the rain, and the appleseed,

The Lord is good to me.  Amen.


For Health and Strength

For health and strength

And daily bread

We praise they name, O Lord.  Amen.


(to the tune of the Superman Theme)

Thank you Lord for giving us food!

Thank you Lord for giving us food!

For our daily bread, ‘cause we need to be fed,

Thank you Lord, for giving us food!


(to the tune of Frere Jacques)

We are thankful, we are thankful,

For our food, For our food,

And our many blessings, And our many blessings,

Thank you Lord, Thank you Lord.


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