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Healthy Hearts (Early Fall 2020 Curriculum)

Based on the gospel of Luke (a physician’s account of Jesus’ life), this biblical character formation curriculum looks at the story of Jesus’ life and teachings through the lens of what it means for Christ to form a spiritually healthy heart in a person’s life. This 6 week curriculum series centers around the main idea that when we trust and follow God, the Great Physician, he transforms our hearts to be more like his. 


Access the Healthy Hearts curriculum here.

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You’re Invited! (Late Fall/Early Winter Curriculum) 

Centered around Jesus’s interactions during his earthly ministry, this curriculum explores the gospel invitations that Jesus was sent to deliver to the whole world! The invitations explored in this curriculum series are not invitations to a party or to an experience, but to come and to know a person: Jesus himself! Through this six-week curriculum series, invite students to receive and respond to an invitation unlike any other!




Access the You’re Invited curriculum here.

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All Things New! (Winter/Early Spring Curriculum) 

God is in the restoration business! Encourage hope while exploring the ways that God has restored, is restoring and will restore our relationships with him, our world and each other in this six-week curriculum series.



Access the All Things New! curriculum here.

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 Looking for more? Here’s a six-week series of the Names of God curriculum!  

This series is adapted for use in your crew clubs and includes six online lessons. Spend quality time with students reflecting on the strength, salvation and power of our God!




Access the I AM:Names of God curriculum here.

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New 2020-2021: Crew Kits! 

Purpose: To connect with kids and families outside of club time and to encourage kids to find and follow Jesus throughout the week. 

Content: All crew kits come with engagement activities that encourage students to spend time with God and to share God’s love and truth with others in a variety of ways. There are activities geared specifically for elementary students and for middle school students. Crew kits include a Bible mystery challenge for elementary students. Students will receive three clues in the form of puzzles, activities, and pictures that will lead students to uncover and recall a Bible story from their club sessions. Each crew kit also comes with a parent newsletter that can be used to connect with parents about what students are learning in their club sessions. 


Access the crew kit materials and preparation guides here.

Acceda a los materiales del kit de tripulación y la guías de preparación aquí.


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