Rock, Paper, Scissors Tournament

Objective: To be the last player remaining by winning all challenges

Materials: None

How to Play: Teach students the basic instructions for Rock, Paper, Scissors. Every player must find a partner and on the count of three, they must choose the hand signal for Rock, Paper or Scissors.

Rock – Make a fist

Paper – Lay hand flat

Scissors – Make a V with index and middle finger

Then, determine which player wins that challenge. Rock beats Scissors, Scissors beats Paper, and Paper beats Rock. (If students make the same hand signal, they should try again until there is a winner.)

To play the tournament, students will pair off and complete challenges. You can have all players go on the count of three, and then instruct all the losing players to sit down or go to one side of the playing area, and all the winning players should find another winning player to be their new partner. Continue running challenges until there are only two students remaining, who will pair off to determine who is the champion.