Sharks and Minnows

Objective: To cross the “sea” without getting tagged

Materials: None

How to Play: Choose one volunteer student to be the “shark.” The rest of the players are “minnows” and should line up on one side of the gym or playing area. When the “shark” yells “1 . . . 2 . . . 3 . . . all the minnows cross the sea,” all the players must run across the playing area to the opposite side. The “shark” should try to tag as many “minnows” as possible before they reach safety on the other side. Any “minnow” who has been tagged becomes a shark and assists in tagging remaining “minnows” as they cross the sea. Play continues until one player is left, or a small number of players who can be declared the winners. An alternative option is for the games leader to call groups at a time to cross the sea, such as all the kids in a certain grade, everyone wearing blue, etc.