Talent Telephone Charades

Materials Needed: Copy of Handout cut up before club

How to Play: Form two relay-style lines with all students facing one direction. Each relay line must try to communicate the “talent clue” to the end of their row before the other team.  Starting with the person in the back of each relay line, pick one talent. The first player, after getting the clue, should tap the person next in line and ask them to turn around. The first player acts out the “talent clue,” letting only that person see (all other players in line should be facing forward. Proceed forward with the next person in line tapping the person in front of them, and acting out the clue based on what they saw. No talking! When the last person (at the front of the line) has seen the scenario acted out, they VERBALLY say what they think they saw. See how close they were to the actual scenario written on the card. You can give a point to the team for a correct guess. For another version of this, you can give each team a different clue and have them race to get the correct guess first.

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