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Nat Bodmer

Willow Creek Community Church, Crystal Lake, Illinois
“After 11 years in youth ministry I had given up hope for getting into our schools, but then Crossroads helped me to work with the school administration and gave me all the tools I needed to launch an effective school-based ministry without stretching myself too thin. They even helped our church secure a proper contract with the school allowing us to have all the rental fees waived. I am excited about the impact we can have in a school two blocks from our church!”

Robert Ortiz

Youth Pastor, Maranatha Worldwide Ministries
“Our church’s Crossroads Kids Club has given us the opportunity to ‘go into the world’ as Jesus commanded. It has allowed us to see through his eyes of unconditional love and compassion and to bring light and hope into the lives of some very precious children.”

Mike Davidson

“Crossroads is a great, safe place for kids to go after school and have fun while learning good values.”

Patricia Stubbs

Former Principal, Laurel Hill School
“A Crossroads Kids Club has met Laurel Hill School since 2004. The students who participate in Crossroads eagerly look forward to the club each week because the Crossroads staff provides a healthy, caring environment and a positive outlet for their pent-up energy at the end of a school day. I am glad that Crossroads is at Laurel Hill because the club provides opportunities for students to be engaged in positive activities after school, teaches values such as honesty and respect for others, and supports the goals of our school.”

Mayra Perez

“Crossroads Kids Club is a wonderful group, and I am extremely grateful it has been available for my children. The positive attitude and Christian teachings at the club have helped my children to make good choices at school and at home. My children look forward to attending the group and do not like to miss a meeting. Through Crossroads, my kids take away a better perspective and see the benefits of trying to be a good person.”

Sandra Pavon

“Shortly after my daughter, Jackie, joined Crossroads, I noticed positive changes in her behavior. She became very caring with others, and she helped more around the house. It was awesome! I feel that Crossroads is a stepping-stone leading our children toward viewing the world through a more positive (and holy) eye. Crossroads helps raise children’s level of confidence by giving them a sense of security in knowing that our Father loves them, has a plan for them, and will provide for them. Living in such a chaotic world, this program guides our children in a positive direction, steering them away from the madness. I am very appreciative that Crossroads provides a comforting, welcoming environment for my daughter. It has truly made a positive impact on our family.”