Game: Trick or Truth (A.K.A. Crows and Cranes)

Trick or Truth

(This game is frequently called “Crows and Cranes.”)

Objective: To race to your team’s safe line without getting tagged

Materials: No materials needed

How to Play: Divide students into two teams and have them stand facing each other across the centerline of the gym, or any marked boundary line in the center of your playing area. Assign one side to be team “Trick” and one to be team “Truth.” The games leader stands in the center, visible to both teams, and calls out either “Trick” or “Truth.” If “Trick” is called, team “Trick” chases team “Truth” as they turn around and race back to their safe line, which could be the gym wall or any other marked boundary line. Any members of team “Truth” who are tagged become part of team “Trick” and must go to the other team’s side. The same concept applies when the leader calls “Truth.” Play until time is up or everyone is one one side.

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