Video Suggestions – God Is The One Who Sees

The following are video suggestions for lessons from the I AM: Names of God curriculum.

Lesson 6 – Moses and the Burning Bush (Saddleback Kids)

Lesson 7 – Jesus Knows Nathanael (LC Life Kids)


How to Use Videos Effectively in Kids Club

Using videos in Kids Club is an optional supplement to our Kids Club curriculum. Recognizing that many of our Kids Club meeting contexts do not have technology easily and readily accessible, our lessons are designed to be complete without the use of additional technology. However, if you have the option, you may choose to use technology to enhance your teaching in either large group or small group settings.

If you use videos, here are some general guiding principles to follow:

Should . . .

Should NOT . . .

Be supplemental to the teaching/curriculum Replace the teaching/curriculum
Be short and engaging Be longer than 4-5 minutes
Be used as an intro or summary/wrap up to the large group lesson Substitute the large group interactive teaching
Be a substitute for the “Scripture” portion of the small group lesson to help students review the story (can be shown on a smartphone or Ipad) Take up the entire small group time
Be used occasionally Be used every week

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